Importance of UX UI Design


A better UX UI design for a website can help convert an eCommerce website’s visitors into buyers, and they can turn out to become returning customers. If a website does not offer a good user experience, there is a small chance that a business will achieve the success it anticipated. A poor user interface and user experience can hurt a company’s search engine rankings meaning that it will not attract several users. A great UX UI design is essential for any e-commerce website because it will attract customers.  The user interface of a web application always incorporates the elements of a web application like menus, controls, buttons, and blocks. An E-commerce website development involves defining the identity of the site and selecting colors, which best defines it’s whole using the latest design principles. User experience depends on the design, accessibility, usability, and performance of the site (Gatt, 2017).

The paper is going to discuss the entire process of developing the UX UI of the E-Business website. It will cover the entire process of planning to the implementation of the UX UI.

Planning activities

The section will discuss all the necessary requirements and steps which will be used to help the E-commerce company achieve the best UX UI design, which will attract and help retain as many customers as possible, and in the long run, it will help the company increase its revenue.

The first thing to be done is by studying the research problem, followed by executing a development plan. Then it will be followed with implementation of the plan, collection, and analysis of feedback from users and then reflecting on the feedback from the users. As a company, we will conduct rigorous research to ensure that we get as enough resources as possible, which will help us achieve the best UX UI interface ever. We will start by collecting the views of the management. They will have the opportunity to explain to the development team what they wish to have the UX and UI look like.  From there, we will collect views from other stakeholders, like returning customers. They will be asked to state what they wish should be changed on the website. After all the feedback has been collected to satisfaction, the implementation process will start (Cai et al., 2018). The new UX UI will be designed from scratch will follow a lot of the suggested changes which need to be made to the current site.

The implementation of the proposed UX UI can be hindered by various factors like time and availability of resources, which will make it not fully implemented. However, every activity will be allocated enough time to ensure that every action in the implementation process is done according to the time allotted. For instance, the requirement collection will take a maximum of two weeks; the design stage will also take two weeks. The implementation stage is the one that will be allocated the majority of the time because this is the stage where the logical implementation of the E-Commerce site will be done. To achieve the best design, I will require more than two months so that all the requirements are incorporated into the system. The implementation process will be open to any alterations which will be proposed (Sood et al., 2018).

The only resources which will be required in the development process are the internet, a powerful laptop, and a comfortable office where the development process will be carried out. The last activity will be to assess the performance of the new UX UI to test its functions, whether it meets the anticipated outcomes before the stakeholders are given a chance to evaluate it.

Uses Of UX/UI Design in e-Commerce


After planning out how all the activities will be carried out, we will now discuss all the actions which will be taken to ensure that the project is fully implemented.

The first action to be done is filtering all the requirements which were collected from the various stakeholders and ensuring that the requirements chosen are those which will help improve from the current UX UI of the E-Commerce website. The best suggestions will be accepted irrespective of the level of the person.

Importance of UX UI Design

The execution of the implementation will involve designing the best approach, which will be used to implement the project. I will do rigorous to determine the best technology which could be used to create the best user interface and user experience. I will also research the best techniques which will bind the website together so that the logical flow of the site is excellent and ensure that every module of the application is well designed to ease the implementation process. The various technologies which will be used to develop the interface are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will also incorporate frameworks like Angular and react. The backend of the application will use PHP, Node, and JavaScript.

The next step will be the implementation stage. The stage will involve the implementation of the collected requirements. Before the implementation process begins, I will ensure the development environment is set and working. I will use the Visual Studio Code editor for development. I will then install the IDE for the language I will use and the frameworks too. After the development environment has been set and is working, I will begin with the development of the user interface. I will conduct testing after the completion of every module.

After the development is complete, the next action is comparing the outcomes of the project to the existing user interface to determine if we achieved the intended results (Sood et al., 2018). After that, I will share the website with other stakeholders so that they can evaluate it. The evaluators will be all the employees of the company.


In this section, I will discuss how I will collect feedback from the users of the website. After sharing the website for evaluation with other employees, we will receive their views concerning the evaluation of the current design compared to the previous one. We will also allow them to propose which changes they wish should be made and the attributes which should be maintained of the prior design. The major concern of the prior website is that buyers experienced difficulties while trying to place an order. That is the kind of weakness we wanted to eliminate from the website. Also, to ensure that the buyers are sent a notification once they make an order.  There were also complaints that the existing application was slow; hence, the aim of designing a new UX is to make the application faster.  After hearing the issues raised by the stakeholders, we will have a look at them. We will engage the higher management in case any changes will be made to the current design to keep them updated. After making the proposed changes, I will deliver the project to an external UX UI expert to evaluate the design before it is produced in the production environment (Cai et al., 2018).


After the evaluation process is complete, the next phase is a reflection of the completed task. The entire project has to be evaluated to ensure that it meets the requirements. We will conduct a series of testing activities that are aimed at exploiting any vulnerability which exists within the system. Any vulnerability available is risky since malicious attackers can use it as a loophole to begin attackers into the system, which will result in the company losing a lot of resources in both the compensation process and disaster recovery. I will also reflect on any possible ways which can help us make changes to the project to improve user experience. Together with the stakeholders, we will reflect on the changes which have been made that will increase the traffic to the site hence resulting in an increased income for the company.  The stakeholders will also be allowed to reflect on the impact of the new e-commerce website interface. 


The entire process from planning to implementation of the project will use the action study method.  I will also use a collaborative action research methodology because it has numerous benefits. After making the implementation of the project and evaluation has been completed, the new product will be produced for production, and the users will continue to provide their feedback.

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