The Use of Color and Sound in UI/UX Design and Development

The Use of Color and Sound in UI/UX Design and Development

Impact of color ion Use Experience

Sound and color have an effect on how users perceive and interact with the content of applications. However, sometimes the perceptions of color and sound by the app designer differ from the perception of the users due to the differences in tastes and preferences, which are influenced by the settings, culture, social set-up, religion among other external and internal factors. Users interpret colors in terms of the theme, the brand, and the tone. However, the app designers use different colors for different purposes. Designers use colors to differentiate the different icons or user interface elements.

Designers use colors to show the interaction between the different user interfaces elements. For example; very important user interface elements should stand out more by being brighter or in more attractive colors. Importantly, in case the website promotes a certain brand, or the app is tailored to a certain organization, the colors are used to express the brand colors as a way of making the brand memorable. Furthermore, colors are used to ensure that texts or images are accessible. Specifically, the designers ensure that the text backgrounds are eligible based on the eligibility criteria. Based on how designers use color in their apps, the users achieve their goals because they are able to identify the important texts and icons hence can easily access the needed information. Furthermore, colors enable users to differentiate between the user interface elements

How Research Informs Approach to Designing with Color

Research shows that the effective use of colors enhances the user experience. As such, I would use color by considering the target audience, the nature of the information that should be passed, the brand among other considerations, If the target audience is children, I would include yellow, however, when the audience is elderly I would use colors such as blue, grey, white, green among others. Importantly, the colors should show the difference between the different icons.

Impact of Sound on User Experience

Sound is an important component of the user interface. As such, designers incorporate sound in the app or in websites because of various reasons. Among the reasons include drawing attention to necessary information such as opportunity or warning that the user should see. For example, on websites sounds are used to alert the user of an advert (Rodero, 2018). In the case of news-based websites, sounds are used to alert the user of new information. In apps, sounds alert of an error or a success.

The Use of Color and Sound in UI/UX Design and Development

Furthermore, users use sound to establish brand recognition and personality. For example, the Nokia phone has an app with a unique sound that creates brand recognition. Sound also provides the user with feedback about his or her actions or informs him of the system status. Among the devices that incorporate sound in their functionality are phones, computers, and tablets. The sound helps the user to navigate through the app because some show alerts which warn the user of the nature of the action being taken (Leo, 2019). In this case, it guides the user; in this case, the user can recover from an error, prevent an error or recognize an error such actions are necessary for helping the user navigate an app.

However, not every sound is good, sounds should balance both form and function. In this case, they should be useful and creative. A good sound considers the utility to enhance the user experience; for example, when a user wants to upload something, the sound should indicate if the upload was successful; in this case, it enhances the user experience. Importantly, the sounds used should resonate with the real world in order to evoke familiar experiences (Leo, 2019). The sounds should be simple. The sound design could be improved to make it real, less complex, and functional.

Effect of Research on Sound in Design

Research informs the way I would incorporate sound in the app that I would develop. Specifically, research shows that sound in-app has functioned such as notifications and interactions. As such, whenever there will be notifications, I will include relevant sound that suits the function. Furthermore, in order to enhance the interaction with the device, I will use relevant sounds to enhance the user experience in different aspects of the app or website. Importantly, the sounds that I would use will be relevant to the graphic interphase.

The Limitations of Color and Sound in UI/UX Design

Whereas there are advantages of using color in the user interface design such as creating differences between the user interface elements, increasing the legibility of text and icon among others, there are limitations of color in the design of UI/UX. Among the limitations include difficulty in bringing balance and harmony in the app or website particularly when it is difficult to match the colors. In addition, when the user chooses the wrong colors, they make the accent disappears hence creating a colorful mess.

Furthermore, it is difficult to choose colors that suit all user groups because of the diversity of age, culture, user tastes, and preferences. For example, children may like yellow color; however, the aged perceive it as less attractive; moreover, men like achromatic colors such as gray, white, or black, while women like blue, green, and their tints.

Some colors may be too contrasting on the screen which may make it appear like a joke. For example, when there are highly contrasting colors, they make the images on the screen look unpleasant, which makes users leave the site On the other hand, sounds may be confusing when it is not used well which reduces user experience (Barrow, 2008).

Importance of UX UI Design

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