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Top 10 Best Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designer in 2022

With the various prototype tools accessible to designers, there is no shortage of methods to
demonstrate a design’s interaction. Let’s have a look at some of the top 10 newest tools for UX/UI designers to help users create the perfect interactive model for your design or brand idea.

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a popular all-in-one prototyping tool among UI/UX designers for creating wireframes, website designs, games, interactive prototypes, voice interfaces mobile applications, and more. It enables teams to collaborate in real time across platforms while collecting immediate feedback and comments from clients. Both Mac OS and Windows versions of Adobe XD are available.

2. Marvel


Marvel is a cloud-based tool that makes it easier to develop a realistic UI and design regulations. Its pre-built templates and design tool, which comes with an unlimited number of stock images and icons, make it easy to create interactive prototypes to bring any creative idea to life. Designers may develop prototypes for Apple products, android, and desktop.

Introduction to Graphical User Interface and Interaction Design

3. Axure RP

Axure RP

Because of its well-known functionality and dynamic content features, Axure RP is a prototype tool best suited for professional designers. Axure’s strong prototyping capabilities includes conditional logic statements and adaptable views, enabling designers to create interactive prototypes in detail. This platform also enables detailed documentation, automatic redlines, and improved handovers to developers without any kind of scripts.

4. InVison


InVision is one of the most widely used prototype tools among professionals and businesses today. It works with a variety of features like drag-and-drop feature that allows the designer to quickly generate high-fidelity prototypes. You may quickly upload transparent pictures and then build animations and transitions by utilising a backdrop eraser. Because the team can view real-time design changes and collect input fast. Project collaboration has been simplified, and designers may arrange the design list using the drag-and-drop process. InVision has a well-deserved reputation for always attempting to assist designers with their prototypes.

5. Framer

Framer is the ideal choice if you want a design tool that allows easy and quick prototyping. Flexibility, interactive designs, realistic prototypes, and responsive layouts are among Framer’s most well-known features. Because Framer is code-based, it provides live device previews, well-written documentation, and a smooth workflow. It also comes with several training videos to assist customers in learning how to utilise this highly rated application.

6. Figma


Figma is the newest addition to the increasing list of prototyping tools used by designers and, more specifically, design teams. It is a yet another solution with powerful contemporary features that allows a team to work together and to develop a flexible and accessible design from beginning to end. Figma is simple to use, promote, and provides excellent value for money. It has certainly risen to the occasion, attracting the attention of designers searching for user-friendly web-based solutions on the internet.

7. Justinmind


Justinmind is a prototype software that allows designers to concentrate on the user experience. It is perfect for developing wireframes and responsive prototypes that adjusts to different screen sizes. Designers may create high-fidelity prototypes using the entire range of templates and UI frameworks available. It also enables users to interact with smart interfaces and data lists without having any prior coding experience.

8. Origami Studio

 Origami Studio

Origami has established itself as a leading prototype solution, and this relationship has also aided in the development of well-known apps like as Messenger and Twitter. Origami comes with pre-assembled components that designers may utilise to make complex prototypes. Origami comes with Origami Live, a platform for sharing and previewing prototypes.



Vector-based designing tool with an easy interface for styling, scaling, and building layouts, as well as a wide range of borders, gradient fills, blending modes, and other features. It facilitates a seamless design process, allowing designers to produce high-quality prototypes in a matter of minutes.



Webflow is a prototype tool that is well-known for its ability to create responsive websites without the use of any coding. Designers may achieve higher prototypes with Webflow’s pre-built complicated pieces, which Webflow can turn into a production-ready website with a single click.

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